Sunday, June 17, 2007

IF : Rejection

Here's a seriously "rejected" person! Let's hope it ain't a romantic situation and please don't assume that he's lost in desert or something! However, now that am looking at it closely it may look like it! Well at least I tried!!


an orange said...

poor guy. makes me hope I didn't accidentally reject someone whom I liked by being shy. I could imagine him feeling exactly like this.

trudette said...

Very expressive, well done !

From Down The Rabbit Hole said...

Love the arms/hands. He really looks rejected!

mike r baker said...

I'd say you tried and succeeded! He looks very rejected indeed. I think he needs a hug. :)

Very well done, my friend. I like it very much!

Tina Vaziri said...

I got rejection from this instantly, his backward glance is what brings this together perfectly!

paula said...

I think you pulled it off. He looks pretty low, poor guy!

S a L i M said...

kheili ham desert nist, dota tike sang dare, shayad zireshoon masalan kerme khaki bashe, the point, we can assume it's not a desert ;)

JC said...

What a great illustration! I see rejection written all over his face, especially in his eyes. I love the way you drew his arms and posture, too. =)

Anonymous said...

that's really nice... well done. i feel exactly like that..

Alain said...

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Anonymous said...

i hope he tryed
like me
time and time again, i have tryed
any yet nothing
at least he is a picture
not a person
i guess i can always try again
that makes #21 then