Thursday, July 19, 2007

MA : My Treasure

Since childhood, I've always had a box full of small everyday objects which somehow hold a memory within; most of them my mom would call "trash"! You never know what others would call "real" treasure. For me however, it can be an old letter, a favorite book, CD or even chocolate bar (though this one may not last long!). All in all, I love Treasure Boxes; no matter how light they might be, the memories they hold are heavier than a huge truck full of solid rocks! (I don't like the sound of this "huge truck full of solid rocks"!)


Ali said...

Rather strange! Your character reminds me of a grandma, rather than a little girl. But I can identify with the treasure-collecting. As I used to have my stuff. :)

narcisse said...

itz the same for all of us darlin`.
we all have something that means a lot to us, but only us..
i like this fat lovely girl! ( girl.. woman?! ) she reminds me of a big fish!