Saturday, January 19, 2008


Yesterday we had a small get-together; all close old friends and some new ones gathered in our house as we had't done so for a while. For the occasion, I made some samosas (Italian style!). As you can see here, my brother is demonstrating its taste! Mostly it was about me playing with some photos. I've never done so and I really liked the idea. Asking about Samosas...people had one or two but since we had my dad's special "chicken kebabs" for the main course...well you got the picture!

Cheers :-)


Sim Sim said...

well gotta say samosas were absoloutly delicio but your new style is more mouth watering. i luuuv it and i'm looking to do such things soon...

seyed Ashraf said...

Very good test, taste and professional experience.
You are a brave artist!

BaBa Ashraf

S a L i M said...

heyyyyyyyyyy, i can see me all over the place lol
finally i found your blog's address :D