Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IF: Garden

The real name for this piece would be "Ida and her plant"; since one is never enough to be called a "garden". I'ma go ahead and call it a "VERY limited garden"! Anywho...I've been utterly lazy when it comes to Illustration Friday projects. I've kept myself busy with this and that. Today however I told myself "that's it! I got to do this!" so here it is. I had the sketch, scanned it and worked on it for an hour and half in Photoshop. I'm still practicing and am not quiet happy with my painting style. Well, hopefully I'll get better!

Cheers :-)


Anonymous said...

Cute! :)

Rui Sousa said...

Lovely work, really nice!

SENTA said...

I like your painting style, it really looks nice and watercolor-y! Very cute, and my grandma's name is Ida so I especially like it :)

S a L i M said...

Happiness can be seen from Ida's plant's face :D
Well done!

Zari said...

hello Maryam! it's always a pleasure to see your lovely illos...and this one is no's lovely and i really like the colors and painting style!

hope to see you around more often!

Tracy said...

This is a cutie! Love that flower :)

joanasoares said...

I`m just discouvering your blog, and I thing your work is beautiful...Congratulations!
This Ida and her flower are lovely.