Saturday, July 12, 2008


Something AMAZING has happened! You won't believe this...well...that's the way AMAZING stuffs should be; unexpected and hard-to-believe! I've received a surprise email couple of days back from a lovely friend, Caitlin Malone, informing me that she'd got a tattoo - here comes the AMAZING part - and it's the lil' mermaid sketch I posted way back in my blog. I've forgotten about it really and when I saw the picture of Caitlin's tattoo, my mouth just fell open!! Am grateful that she shared this news with me; it really made my day...thanks a million Caitlin!

Cheers :-)

PS - By the way, the tattoo artist who's done such a great job is Charlie White. Thanks Charlie! :-)


mike r baker said...

Sweet! Such an honor for someone to wear your art forever! :)

nicole said...

...but please do not expect me to do the same to show how much I appreciate your art...I do not feel ready to have anything tatooed on my body!!!!!!!!!!

Maryam said...

Hehehe! Don't worry Nicole!! There's no need for that! I appreciate your kindness all the same!

Cheers :-)

Maryam said...

Thanks for stoppin' by Mike! I've missed you! Long time, no see! Still it's great hearin' from you every now 'n then!

Cheers :-)

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