Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bubble Gurl

Last night was our dearest Simin's 24th birthday! There were only six of us but still we had loads of fun! Hmmm...sweet memories!
And now the card's story (Bubble Gurl):

From God it all began

Once upon a time, there was a girl living in a bubble robot. People called her "bubble gurl" and were always wondering where she'd land as they all knew she would eventually. There was a legend that she'd bring health and happiness to whichever house she'd land in...

It's been 24 years now from the day she arrived on our earth. There are no bubble robots no more and bubble girls no longer exist but the great family who took her in are blessed with health 'n happiness ever since.

Happy Birthday Simin dear! Wish you the best always!

Cheers :-)

PS - InspirationS for the card : Laputa Robot, Jessie Willcox Smith illustrations for "The water babies" (Charles Kingsley)


Chibimoni said...

Hi there...juz randomly jumping on the blogs and saw yours. Really fall in love with your illustration. May i know what kind of software did you use to colour your illustration? It's really good...=D

firstfront said...

Only I can say Nice ... Beautiful ...

S a L i M said...

akhei, kheili banamak bood. great job :D

Chibimoni said...'s beautiful. Loved your style! I'll make a link to your blog if don't mind. Am curious on your next artwork. Will be looking forward to it! Hehe...Have a wonderful day!=D

Rafael Santiago said...

I love the story of Bubble Gurl. Great illustrations!!!

Emila Yusof said...

Oh wow! I love bubble gurl!

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