Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello everyone! Am in a very good mood right now! Just three hours ago, I received a great news! I won Monday Artday Weekly Challenge, "Disaster"!! Wow! Am so lucky! Thanks a million to Mike for his kindness!
I want to dedicate this award to Gaza children, who suffered silently in this unfair war, and to my mom and dad who have always believed in me...
Cheers :-)


firstfront said...

You’re Right … we are Right!
We believe YOU, We proud of YOU …
That’s why we are Right!

Mom & Dad

flower girl said...

congratulation maryam jan!!kheyli naghashi zibai hastesh! hamishe movafagh bashi khanum. rasti mersi az help vase ketab. va mesle inke off mano daryaft nakardi, mikhastam esme daneshgahet ya websitesh ro age loft koni bedi dashte basham.mamnoon misham. ghorbunet

Aarti Harish said...

Congrats...nice work..!!!

Nicole said...

and I believe in you too!
But I have just discovered that you have been working since christmas!! I do not know why but I always landed on your christamas page!!
What beautifull things you have been doing!!!