Saturday, November 7, 2009


A Warm Birthday

The story goes that one cold and gloomy day, Salim went out for a walk thinking that the day couldn’t get any worse when it started to snow. “Ahhh…just what I needed! SNOW!” Shivering and grumbling, he continued his walk along the street. Suddenly something hard hit him on the head. “Ouch! What the…!” He looked down angrily for the thing that caused him such an unexpected pain when something else hit the top of his head…and another…and another…and another…and another…and another! Furious and with one hand shielding his throbbing head, he looked down again only to find seven highly polished and yet oddly-shaped purple marbles. They had two tiny eyes blinking cutely up at him and one smiling mouth. MARBLE-OUS! they exclaimed aloud. “Here’s our birthday boy!” It was then that Salim remembered it was his birthday. “Who are you?!” He asked stunned. “We…” squeaked the tiniest one, “…are Marble-ians and we pour down on lonely birthday boys ONLY!”

That night back home, Salim had a warm birthday party; one of the marble-ians baked a HUGE marble cup cake and lit one very bright candle on top of it. They all sang the birthday song and gave him tiny kisses on his cheeks. Hugging all seven Marble-ians, Salim had the warmest birthday party a lonely birthday boy can have!

.The End.

PS- Happy B'day our dearest Salim! Wish you all the best our Precious! :-)


S a L i M said...

many many many many many many many many ... many thanks dearest Maryam :*
Wishing you all the best my dear sister :)

firstfront said...

Mary really beautiful to see and have worked a full content.
We are waiting for the next.

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