Sunday, February 21, 2010

Am Back!

Remember me?! Well I must apologize for my long absence from the blogging world...not that anyone has missed me much!!!! Anyways...I need to explain that this disappearance is due to the fact that I've been on the move from U.A.E to Iran. I should have taken sometimes off from the living itself...the point is am back now and I hope to be more active in future...

I drew this rainy girl yesterday and here's the accompanying text:

"Today was a beautiful rainy day,
Well...maybe not so beautiful for those with no umbrellas!
It's cold and yet not chilly...
Am sitting in the House of Artists' coffee shop, drinking a cup of Italian cappuccino and listening to the rain... noses..."


k.h.whitaker said...

of course you were missed, love seeing your work

S a L i M said...

Welcome Back Dear Sister :D

beautiful work (vali cheshmash narahat be nazar mirese!)