Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Magic

A quick piece I did for a little contest on DA. There were three themes; "It's Magic", "Sun, Moon & Stars" and "Friendship". Since I've done many pieces with the second theme, I was trying to do something different...however I don't think I was that successful! Well what can I's ma style!
It's Magic
To go on a wild ride
With your best friend ever
Cheers :)


firstfront said...

You did something different...however; you do not think you were that successful!
Well what can I is great, "It's Magic" and it is your style!

jozen said...

just had to leave a comment and say that i absolutely LOVE the quote that you have on your blog's sidebar...

ps im having a ruffled inspired giveaway.. i do hope you join in

amba said...

Wow! such a perfect drawing!