Saturday, May 29, 2010

Single-Horned Closet Monster

So I was thinking about "closet monsters" today; not that am particularly scared of them. On the contrary, I think of them as cute creatures with glistening skin and bright eyes! Harmless!

This particular closet monster, had an unfortunate accident; he broke a horn when coming out of Mary's closet. Well, so far Mary hasn't decided whether to get scared or just help the poor fellow!
PS - here's my very first attempt on fully drawing and painting a so-called "monster". I'm quiet disappointed comparing my "cute" version to those that can be found on the web.


rhomany said...

Ihink he's cute. I also think with a bit of sticky tape, some wool and a bit of egg box she'll have patched up in no time.

S a L i M said...

the guy reminds me of me :))

Anonymous said...

Hi im a norwegian woman that just found ur blog. I was looking for illustrators for childrensbooks( that will be finished written in the future)I think the paitings/drawings are so amazing. Ur painting with ur soul ond heart=)Best wishes Synne