Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Announcement

Hello everyone!

You may have been wondering how come I vanished from the face of the earth (or have you?!). Well...due to unpredictable circumstances which are either technical or economical or political or global(!), am unable to upload any images. So I'm updating my recent works on which hopefully will stay available...

I don't know whether this situation is temporary or permanent but at the meantime, I'd be more than glad to have you visit my new place at: HERE

2 comments: said...

i am a big fan of yours. yes, really i was wondering about your disappearance. where are you ? what happened to you ? if there is any problem, you can write to my email( also. it shall be a great thing for me to be your friend. i love all your works. i envy the way you use shadow, and make the dall like pictures touchable. i really missed you. thanks for coming back.

padam Raj poudel said...

hello madam you have done great job in your life.can i add you in my blog.
i am padam from Nepal. we are working with disability sice last 10 year.if you dont mind please see our blogs youtube visual.we are also helding disability tv Program in nepal. which is only one tv program