Thursday, April 14, 2011

IF: Bottled

Happily bottled...submerged into unknown...sure to find the journey as exciting as where it ends...if not more!

For this week's IF; not being so active lately which is a shame since I've missed so many great topics... :(

Cheers anyways :)


S a L i M said...

You're still my favorite artist :D great jobZ :D

Seyed Moslem Tabatabaei said...

salam Maryam jan. besyar ziba tebqhe mamul. movafagh bashi. :)

Sorour :D said...

I never thought you can actually be happy in a bottle...! but this little creature of urs seems so happy and relaxed in there that you actually want to go and live in a bottle....! :D
great job honey :*

Kat said...

hmmm i like it, especially the expression