Thursday, October 11, 2007

MA: Bird

This week on Monday Artday


Sim Sim said...

hey there i luv the baloony kinda color u've chosen for this. u know u r doin so well with all the new style of urs. keep it up

S a L i M said...

look at its head! this bird might be a scientist :))
no wait, it's all a head! this bird is the inventor of plane, what was his name? he had a brother also, didn't he?

seyed Ashraf said...

My dear, long time I was busy,
Out of station and…
Didn’t come to this page;
But now …..!
Really your style became great and great.
It is same a tree that you can see and watch by your eyes,
It’s growing up minute by minute.
Keep up and continue………

Baba Ashraf

Mim said...

cute and fun