Friday, November 2, 2007

Feeling Dismal

Today, unlike any usual day in this country, is a cloudy day. Well maybe we've needed a change; I certainly needed that but it's not exactly my desirable weather to tell you the truth. When the sky above is not sure what to do next; rain or let the sun shine again. It's like chocking with tears...mmmmm...sad!

About this drawing, it's not a great piece, not even completed, but it's well-matched with what am feeling right now sooooooo There you have it then!

Cheers (sorta!) :)


Sim Sim said...

thanx god you finally uploaded one of the million illues u have in ur PC. i gotta say i felt sad on that day too but who cares, sometimes a change is needed. u know what i luv what u have drawn in here cause i remembered the breath taking cold days of our hometown...
plz send more illues soon
see ya around

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

I don't know why you say its not a great piece. I think is wonderful.. the colors and the feel it has. Plus the look of their faces. Really like it :o)

seyed Ashraf said...

Salaam! Salaam…!

After long time you appeared on your stage. I should say, many thanks
My great skill!
Beautiful, nice, with tenderness and mild emotion and…

BaBa Ashraf

Mim said...

This fellow may be feeling bleak but it seems like he has a little smile on his face that shows he knows that something nice will happen soon.

mike r baker said...

Maryam! I miss you. I hope you are still working on your art. You are doing such wonderful things! I also hope you are not sad!!! :)

Oh, Maryam! I just got the card I made for you back in the mail! Months later!!! I want you to have it - I will try to send it again. Please write and confirm your address.

Love ya, my friend!

narcisse said...

Nov 2nd?!
today z 22nd girl!
where r u?!!

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Maryam! This is beautiful!

zari - justZHM said...

Hello Maryam! where are you!?!?! don't you miss MondayArtday???...cos we sure miss you a lot!

this illo is lovely...sad, but lovely!

Hope you are feeling better now!

cata said...

Hello Maryam!
I really like this image!
Strong feelings are not bad feeelings!
We really miss you in "blogland"
A big hug!