Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chapter Three: Blue Bird, Green Rabbit And Bunny Scarecrow

Ida headed for Mars. In the middle of the way, she noticed something was buzzing behind. Turning her head to find a bright blue color bird was following her. “What are you following me for?” asked Ida in a loud voice. “Buzzzzz…” “Well, that explains a lot!”

It took Ida and the buzzing blue bird behind her an hour to see Mars.

Mars was a big planet but nothing like Earth. The sky was cotton candy pink. The planet itself was peach color with some strange blue plants stuck out of its surface.

As Ida got closer to it, she saw a green creature…a rabbit! Sitting beside something more like a bunny scarecrow and chewing on a blue carrot. Ida couldn’t believe her eyes. She never knew green rabbits inhabit Mars. Wow! She whispered to herself. After a long silent moment, she suddenly recalled why she’d flown there in the first place. “Uhum…” she cleared her throat. The green bunny looked up at her. “Ooo! Who are you?”
“I’m Ida and am looking for my doll Molly. Have you seen her?”
“Na. No doll can walk on Mars!” replied bunny in a high pitched voice. “Why?” Ida asked surprised. “Cause they’d drown! Wouldn’t they?”
“What?! How come you don’t drown then?”
“Am a ghost!”
“A GHOST?!” cried Ida.
“But I can tell you where you may find your doll.”
“On the ‘blue bird’ planet”
“But how can I find it?”
“Ask the blue bird behind you.”
“It only buzzes!”
“Take this” the green rabbit stretched out his hand and Ida saw it was transparent. He gave her a strange horn-shaped device with three holes on it. “Give it to the bird. You can understand its words.”
Ida hesitated for a moment and then took it. Before turning to face the blue bird however, she asked the green rabbit one last question, “Why the carrots are blue?”
“It’s because they are actually the same blue birds!”
“WHAT? How?!”
“They drowned and became carrots!” he answered indifferently.
“But they don’t deserve this.”
“We put a scarecrow, didn’t we?”
Ida had heard enough and it was time to go for Molly again so she turned her back to the green rabbit and faced the blue bird behind…


Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that your illustrations are great n inspiring! i've linked you to my site so i remember to check out your updated posts regularly!! :-)

firstfront said...

So beautiful and professional work!
I’m proud of you.

Ba Ba

Emily said...

very cute... I think a scarecrow bunny would be a great addition to my balcony garden...hihi...
lovely work