Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Not-So-Fine Day

Today, I was feeling down all along. Don't know what's got into me. I wanted to cry and cry... so in the end I decided to just draw something cheery, to lift my spirit and bring back a smile on my face. I did this one and used as much color as I could (I'm not a very colorful person and my palette is so dark and muted most of the times)! worked...a bit!

Tomorrow is another day after all!

Cheers :-)


firstfront said...

So nice,
Iff the time of drawing smile was not on your face !
But this work brings smile on... for ever !

nicole said...

very sweet! You are doing a great job with your crayons!

Bee said...

What a perfect way to cheer yourself up. I hope you are feeling brighter.

Congratulations on winning Monday Artday this week.

JC said...

Oh, I love this! Your picture will certainly cheer up anyone who sees it. Hope things are looking up for you. I'm really enjoying the images you are posting!