Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chapter Two : Molly Is Gone!

Every night, when moon came up and stars started playing around the dark sky, Ida put on her silver wings, stepped on the edge of her bedroom window and flied like a free bird.

That night, she was about to do the same when she suddenly noticed the empty space where her doll ‘Molly’ used to sleep. “Where is she?” she asked herself looking around the room. “I think I left her somewhere out there” she flied again looking around for Molly’s sight.
“What are you doing up again Ida?” asked moon with a dreamy voice. “Uh…I’m looking for Molly, have you seen her?”
“I think I may have left her somewhere…”
“Hey” shouted a tiny sparkling star behind the moon. “What is it? Have you seen her?”
“Ay. She was on the Mars when I passed it.”
Ida said good-night to both moon and sparkling star and whooshed towards Mars to see if Molly’s still there.
Moon closed its eyes and went back to sleep. Asking for tiny star, it vanished and never was seen again…


Meead said...

You have beautiful paintings in your blog. Did you paint them?

Maria said...

Yup! Unbelievable but true! Thanks for stoppin' by!

Cheers :-)

firstfront said...

Very well,
waiting for next part.

johanna said...

this is very beautiful

JC said...

I agree... beautiful illustration! I love how you are using light in your illos. It makes them so magical. I'm enjoying Ida's story. can't wait 'til the next chapter. =)

Tebo said...

Cute work you do(sorry my english),really nice!