Sunday, May 25, 2008

As Johnny As Possible!

O.K. I know, I know! It's not that much Johnny Depp as it's supposed to be, but I did it anyways! Actually I've done this one for a lovely friend of mine, Sorour, who's a huge fan of JD. Hope she likes it!
It took me more than it should (10 mins sketching, 5 hours digital painting) . I was doing another portrait today as well; Lord Voldemort! Well... it's not done yet but am getting there.

Cheers :-)


Sorour said...

I'm speechless!!
I can't even breathe right now :D
I donno how to thank you honey, it means a lot to me.
and by the way it looks soooo alvie, you know in my eyes whatever relates to JD is Perfect :D
no but honestly i am so proud of you babe, you've done a great job.
thanks again darlin and wish you all the best :x

JC said...

Your portraits are amazing! You are SO talented! =)

Marietta said...

Good words.