Monday, August 25, 2008

Gliding Into This World

And so it begins. It's how I want to see it this year; me gliding happily into this world! Though there haven't been no candles, no cakes and no presents yet, I want to celebrate it all the same! Today, I went to the post office and collected my very first presents which I bought for myself! Two great books which looking at them makes me drool; The Fantasy Illustrator's Technique Book and John Howe's Fantasy Art Workshop. You must have guessed what I want to work on, exactly what is missing in my life, a bit of "Fantasy"! And it's about time now; I need some fresh ideas and more creativity!

Cheers :-)


S a L i M said...

Hey Marry!
High flying glider, spread your wings
Flying high on a cloud
Born on the air, spiral around
So busy making circles
You never touch the ground... (you can read the rest online, lol, it's one of Camel's)
SOOO finally you resumed rocking. I'll be waiting here to see your new posts.
BTW finally our POBox is being used :D
Take care

kathy hare said...

Your work is so beautiful..