Wednesday, August 6, 2008

...When You Air Away...

Last night was a memorable one; we threw a lil' good-bye party for the youngest and liveliest member of our family. My lil' brother (as I like to call him!) is moving to Canada so to continue his education and pursue his heart desire. I'm both sad and happy at the same time; sad cause I'll miss him so much as we've been really close friends apart from being "just" brother and sister AND am happy cause I know it's what he wants and what will lead him to his upcoming success. Though am sure he'll survive (!) still whenever I think about "not" waking up with his loud voice, my eyes would fill with tears. O.K...let's not make it too hard!!
So lil' bro! Wherever you are and whatever you are up to (hopefully not anything dangerous or against law!) our hearts will always beat for you.

Cheers :-)


S a L i M said...

heeeheeeheee (az hamoon khandehaye boland :D )

torokhoda intori nagoo, shoma baz ye nafaro miss mikonid, mane badbakht khodeto, + chand nafar digaro, albate ke khodet chize digari hasti :D

ishala in touch khahim bood, hatta bishtar az inja ;)

eltemase doa. wish u all the best my googooli sis :D

(shoma ham bara edame bia pishe khodemoon :D )

Sorour said...

we're all gonna miss him :( but as long as we know its for his own good, we'll smile :) even though we miss him in our hearts!

C.B. Canga said...

thanks maryam,

just be positive and keep on working towards your goals. stay creative.

Anonymous said...