Monday, November 10, 2008


My 99th post is a lil' something for a dear friend, Omar Abdullah! It took me 5 hours to finish this piece. I tried to make some changes for it to be more impressive!

Hope you like it Omar and all Amy Lee's fans out there!

Cheers :-)


S a L i M said...

bah bah, che khanoome ba shakhsiati, zane man mishid?!?!!??

great work

Adelaida said...

It really looks impressive, quite like a photo when it's a thumbnail but when enlarged you can clearly see brush strokes. Good job ^^

C.B. Canga said...

a big departure from what you normally do. i like it. great job.

Hamideh said...

harf nadare! karat baram mese ye soprize hayajan angize ke nemitonam sabr konam ta baadi ro bebinam!!! you go GIRL;)!

flower girl said...

Salam maryam joon!! kheyli karet ghashange va bi nazir. afarin!!
really beautiful! =)

flower girl said...

Hi maryam! I tagged you! =)
Check out this link!

firstfront said...

Beautiful and strong work.
Great,nice ...

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