Saturday, November 8, 2008

.Salim's Absentee Birthday Party.

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C.B. Canga said...

nice job as always.

tokyobanana said...

your heart is full of good things and drawings great , i like it !!!


see you,tokyobanana

S a L i M said...

many thanks for your lovely piece of art :)
nothing could have made me happier than that and you know you rock :)
thanks again and again :D

Oscar Rosales said...

Very interesting work! Like it very much

pablo pablo said...

very nice!

Manolo Trujillo said...

Hello Maryam I have seen your works and I like much your style of drawing.
It is an own and very personal style that defines you and that especially, it defines your work.

They are very nice drawings full of imagination and tenderness.

A greeting and congratulation for your work.

cata said...

Absolutely adorable!
Your style is sweet as always but your technique is quite diferent,
Nice to visit your blog again!

kathy hare said...