Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've had mixed feelings when drawing and painting this piece. I'm learning new techniques in watercolor so I thought of using some of them in this picture. Anyways...I was mainly inspired by two things, Audrey Kawasaki's amazing artworks and Marina Bychkova's beautiful dolls.
Cheers :-)


firstfront said...

Very nice and beautiful style.
Realy I like your work ...

Emily said...

That red stroke is perfect!
Happy Valentines Day!

kathy hare said...

a beautiful image, I love the work of both these artists..

I also have an award for you over at my blog..

poone said...

HI dear
I like these colors
keep up

Indigene said...

There's something mysterious, delicate and very lovely about've captured both their styles!

Nicole said...

My sister just admired your drawing on my blog and really thought you have something to share...
Kids would love your characters!
Please please go on with our project!
I wrote this text just for you and I will ask no one else to illustrate it!
It is beautifull!You are so clever!
Please believe in your skills!